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(336) 300-6872

Our Services

Restroom Cleaning

Our service doesn’t replace your daily cleaning but serves as an added DEEP CLEAN of all surfaces, even those hard to reach often missed places.

During our SANI-CLEAN service, our technicians will clean and disinfect your restrooms and then protect them with our antimicrobial lectrostatic GERMSHIELD that not only kills germs and pathogens but provides a protective shield that can last up to 30 days. The Germ Doctor restroom cleaning service removes and protects your restrooms against common odors, germs, diseases and viruses by removing them at the source.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Chances are your grout may not be black. Grout, because of its unique properties, is nearly impossible to clean with just a mop. Let us show you how we can revitalize your floors.

Using specialized high pressure disc and jet cleaners we are able to disperse disinfecting & germ killing products that remove visible grime, mold and mildew as well as the unseen pathogens that build up in grout lines and on tile surfaces.

Food Service Cleaning

A healthy approach to clean and safe kitchens, bars and other food service areas by incorporating the latest soil removing and disinfecting methods for walls, floors, drains and surfaces. Cleaner surfaces reduce conducive conditions for germs, pathogens, pests, and odors. Clean and healthy facilities keep employees safe and customers coming back.

Odor Control & Scenting Services

Scent has the ability to evoke an emotional response and can enhance mood and evoke feelings of happiness. By dispensing a specially selected fragrance into the air, scenting helps create a unique and memorable ambiance.

We offer numerous services and solutions to reduce unpleasant odors and create pleasant and appealing fragrances in your facility. We start by reducing the pathogen sources of bad odors by physical removal and through hygienic disinfecting and sanitizing. We have numerous types of scent systems and dozens of options for fragrances which can be rotated seasonally to maximize positive emotional scent responses. Create positive and powerful first impressions for your customers with our scenting programs.

Window Cleaning

A dirty window can make a bad first impression. When your customers visit your facility be sure their first impression is a clean and clear one!

Our commercial window cleaning process cleans your windows leaving them exceptionally clean and clear. Our process includes cleaning the glass inside and outside, wiping the frames, cleaning doors and disinfecting the door handles. We can also clean interior glass partitions, screens, light fixtures and more.

Pressure Washing

Dirty Garbage areas can be the main source of odors, flies, pests and health department fines and violations.

Clean facilities = Happy customers

We can pressure wash any surface such as garbage dumpsters & pads, walkways, patios, building exteriors, parking lots, signage and more!